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Heating CigaretteHeating CigaretteHeating Cigarette

Heating Cigarette

  • Package: Gift Box
  • Battery : 1500mah
  • Support :20pcs sticks
  • Color: Black and White
  • Product description: Heatstick Experience: Approximately 4 minutes or 16 puffs. Battery Power: 1500mah which can support 20pcs sticks Charging time : 4 hours Pin is changealbe

Rockia ---Latest IQOS alternative Device


Battery Power 1500mah
Heating Pin Resistance 0.72Ω - 0.85Ω
Wroking Temperature 270 Degree
Wroking Time 4 munites
Charge time 3 hours
Full charged can support sticks 20pcs sticks

Press the button once to indicate the battery power:

Red LED: Battery lower than 20%

Green LED: 20%-80%

Bule LED: 80%-100%.

Forced Shut Down

You can switch off your holder experience at any moment by hold down the button with 3s.

(Please note that the removal of the heatstick will not end the heating process of your Holder).

Compare with Original , this device is more convinient:

1) 1500mah battery continuous support total 20pcs sticks in contrast to the Original which need to charge battery again after finishing 1pc stick.

2) Changeable heating pin---You just need to change a heating pin if you want to get a new device while the heating pin of IQOS can not be changed.

3) User will feel more convinient to take out the stick after used, and it's more convinient to put it in the pocket since it's only a slim device.

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